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WIBA 2024 - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jul 1

Young African American Woman wearing a WIBA 2024 conference T-shirt

WIBA 2024 FAQs 

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Q: Are men invited to the WIBA conference?

A: Absolutely! Men and all genders are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate! We strive to make the Women in Behavior Analysis (WIBA) conference inclusive. Our goal is to foster an environment where diverse perspectives can come together to engage in meaningful discourse on gender equality, enhancing the field of behavior analysis, supporting our colleagues, and fostering professional growth.  


We welcome everyone who supports our mission to empower, celebrate, and mentor women in behavior analysis while also highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusivity within the field. 

Q: What can I do in Atlanta in my free time that aligns with the mission of WIBA?
Q: When should I check in for the WIBA conference?
Q: What are mentorship sessions?
Q: Where can I find the program?
Q: If I’m attending in person, how will I record my CEUs, and how can use the BehaviorLive tools (e.g., live chat function with remote attendees, polls, and questions for presenters)?
Q: What do I do if I miss a CEU scan?
Q: How will I earn CEUs if I’m attending remotely?


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WIBA 2024 Details:

🗓️ When: July 24-26, 2024 - Workshops on the 24th, Sessions 25th & 26th

❓ How: Join us in Atlanta for the conference, online for the livestream, or watch the recordings later and earn your WIBA CEUs on-demand!

Registration includes On-Demand access to recordings + CEUs for 1 YEAR following the conference

We can't wait to see you in Atlanta!

Register for WIBA 2024

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